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XFC Crowns a Women’s Flyweight Champion at XFC 26: Night of Champions III

Pearl Gonzalez adds another title under her many other titles and now becomes the new Flyweight Champion for XFC with her armbar submission of Cortney Casey beating her at 4:43  of round 3 in their title fight that took place on October 18th in Nashville, Tn. Heather Clark also got a victory over a tough pro debut Hannah Cifers and it looks like Heather might be heading for another shot for the strawweight title sometime soon.

Pearl Gonzalez ChampionThis fight was scored for Casey through out both rounds with Casey doing much of the damage with many submission attempts but Pearl did an amazing job blocking and getting out of those attempts. Pearl did so some damage of her own with a power bomb in the first round but it did not affect Casey very much and both fighters kept going. One thing that was prevalent throughout the match is that mouth guards kept coming out. In the third round it was getting really close that Casey was ready to submit Pearl again but as usual she got out of it and Pearl turn the tides and got the submission with armbar.

Pearl Gonzalez now improves to 2-1 in the professional ranks in the flyweight division which is now heavily dominated with over 200 active female fighters according  wmma world rankings  while Cortney Casey moves to 1-1 in the professional ranks. 

Heather Clark and Hannah Cifers was a tough fight with Heather fighting a pro debut fighter and really not having much time to prepare for her and did a great job handling her through out the match. In the first round Clark was able to get a take down and get some nasty elbows in and Cifers was trying for a armbar attempt but failed and Clark was able to win the round. In the second round  it was a little slower until later in the round Cifers was able to connect and make Clark bleed from the nose and Clark was able to land a front kick to the face of Cifers to end the round. Round three starts both fighters clinched and Clark was able to land some good knee shots, heading toward the end both fighters were toe to toe landing shots to each other the bell sounded. Heather Clark wins the match by Decision Unanimous (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

Heather Clark improves to 6-4 in the professional ranks and Hannah Cifers in her professional debut goes to 0-1 in the professional ranks. Hannah had a great a amateur career compiling a record of 4-1 losing her last fight by decision and it was a title fight and is why she was chosen by XFC and why she will be around for the long haul with XFC and is the future for women’s mixed martial.

XFC put on another great show and having two female bouts on the card and one being a title fight has to be an exciting event for female mixed martial arts all over the world. XFC is becoming a leader in women’s mixed arts and adding talent everyday to their roster.

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EP 9 : SportsGeeks™ With Cortney Casey & Calie Cutler This Sunday

Cortney Cast Iron CaseyThis week on SGSRadio we will interview Cortney Casey on her upcoming fight with Pearl Gonzalez at XFC 26 Night of Champions III in Nashville, TN on October 18. Cortney, currently 1-0, is looking for her second win.

Then on our “The Ammy 15” segment we will feature Calie Cutler, a promising amateur from Michigan.

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Each Sunday we will interview a professional fighter on her career, background, any impending fights, and a little on life outside the cage.

We are proud to introduce a new segment to the radio program called “The Ammy 15” where we will showcase an up-and-coming amateur.

We hope that everyone enjoys the shows. SportsGeeks has supported women’s mixed martial arts since 2008. Our first interview was Gina Carano conducted with former co-host MarQ. As the WMMA landscape continues to grow and change, SportsGeeks will provide a dedicated voice to the women who work and train so hard.

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