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Rammy and MarQ-News Editor from are going to interview Hillary Williams female MMA fighter.

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Name: Hillary Williams

Nick Name: Killary

Team: Westside Fight Team

Height/Weight: 5’8″/135lbs

Style: BJJ

Birthday: 10/14/1988

Official Website: This one, dumbass.

Amateur MMA Record: 1-0

BJJ/Sub grappling record: 76-5 (against women) & 11-9 (against men)

Spawned by accident in 1988 by an ex-drill team star and a paranoid war veteran, I had all the genetic wiring capable of creating a very loud, peppy conspiracy theorist. As a toddler, I terrified my parents by often finding my way on to the roof of our home and by taking a particular interest in viewing the bellies of poisonous spiders.
By childhood, my elder brother of four years and I had engaged in many epic, baby-tooth expelling battles that foreshadowed my later entrance into the world of combat sports. My dad only aided in the process, once holding an impromptu wrestling match between a male classmate of mine and me with the stakes being, “Hillary, if he wins you have to finally shut your mouth. Johnny, if she wins, you have move to Tibet and become a monk.” Johnny never did end up devoting his life to Buddhism, come to think of it.
In my years of participation in sports, I took countless skin-ripping slides into home plate, numerous funny-bone slamming dives on the volleyball court, ripped drives down a fairway in Vegas in front of ESPN cameras, took falls into fences off of a galloping horse, and used my body and head to absorb the impact of a soccer ball on its way to my goal. And through all of that, I flee with flailing limbs from any flying insect and shudder at the mere thought of moths and butterflies. I still make my friends and training partners look under the beds and in the bathroom of hotel rooms before I enter on tournament trips for something that goes bump in the night.
My Brazilian jiu jitsu career began in a less-than-spectacular fashion, as my first roll lasted little over 10 seconds at the hands of a 12-year-old child. I competed early and often under the tutelage of Matt Hamilton and Roli Delgado, much to the disdain of my debutant-desiring mother. As time passed, I tried my hand at local tournaments up through to Pan Ams and Worlds, with fairly successful results. I even hop in and play with the boys sometime, making sure to break out the pink outfits. I then added a little kickboxing knowledge to my skill set and stepped in the cage, where jiu jitsu once again proved victorious. Currently I’m full force in competition mode, training and competing in BJJ tournaments with my eyes on a world title and ADCC.
I’ve been known to couch surf during jiu jitsu pilgrimages across the country in my quest to constantly learn—an activity that has led to me getting tossed, choked, twisted, and, most importantly, taught by a great group of people from around the world. Making sure to hold on to my nerdy side, I’m at the University of Central Arkansas’ Honors College, working on a biology major and with full intention to go to medical school, where I’ll spend a good portion of my “best” years buried in anatomy books and missing all the raddest keggers. Well, that’s the story so far.

source: Hillary Williams

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