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Rammy and MarQ-news editor for interviewed Marissa Chadwell on her Pro MMA debut and how her career has progressed and what in the future for her.

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Record 2-0

My first fight…

8:18 – Time for the ladies to step into the cage. First time in “Big Show MMA” history. Check back next week for my article featuring the ladies and a discussion of women in MMA. This is a 155 lbs. match-up between Erica Ellington (EE) and Marissa Caldwell (MC). EE sporting the cornrows. The Cummins fans are letting the ref know that he sucks and he’s “a fag” for stopping the fight, I guess. Those are some knowledgeable fans, boys and girls. Not homers at all. Nosiree.

ROUND 1 – The ladies smile at each other and cheer for each other during the announcement. Very nice to see. Touch gloves. MC throws leather quickly and lands a couple, stunning EE. MCpulls guard and drags EE to the mat. She quickly slaps on an armbar. EE stays calm, trying to pull her arm out. She’s not tapping, but the arm is in deep. MC isn’t letting go. EE still protecting her wrist with the other arm. The ref is asking EE to say tap, and EE refuses. MC lets go of the arm, and EE quickly brings the fight back to the feet. Upper cuts from EE in the clinch. Both throw punches, some landing. MC pulls guard again, and EE falls into MC’s full guard. Short punches from EE from the top, and MC cinches up her full guard. MC slides her hips up and looks for triangle. She quickly transitions to an armbar that she gets. EE rolls to defend. She still won’t tap. She’s visibly in pain though. MC stretches out harder and EE is left with no choice but to tap.

Marissa Caldwell defeats Erica Ellington via armbar at 2:33 of the first round.

My second fight…
While professionals Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg were fighting 2,200 miles west, Marissa Caldwell and Adrienne Seiber made some history on Saturday night at the Kankakee County Fairgrounds.

Caldwell and Seiber headlined burgeoning Kankakee-based Fire Extreme Fighting’s 2009 Elimination Tournament, competing in the first women’s MMA fight in Kankakee and what is believed to be only the second in all of Chicagoland.

Seiber, a longtime Chicago Police officer and crowd favorite, came out swinging in her MMA debut, but Caldwell’s experience proved to be the difference. The Fort Thomas, Ky., native trapped Seiber in an arm bar and forced her to tap in the first round.

“She was really strong, came at me really hard,” Caldwell said. “She had me worried for a while. Luckily, my jujitsu came through, like it usually does.”


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News from

Friday, October 23, 2009
Article By MarQ Piocos – News Editor
Marissa Caldwell is ready to take on the world, and the first person in front of her is a rough and tough Jan Finney on the MMA Big Show card at the Belterra Casino Resort & Spa in Belterra, Indiana this Saturday, October 24th. Caldwell took some time to talk to “Sportsgeeks” to talk about her upcoming fight and her ambitions. Caldwell says she admired Finney’s skills early on in her career, but a lot has changed since then.

“When I first started, I went out to (Finney’s) gym in West Chester, OH to watch Jan train” Caldwell stated. “It’s a surreal feeling because I looked at her then and thought ‘I really want to be on her level.’ And now I look at her and think, “I really want to surpass her level. I wanna beat her. Go father than she has’”

When it comes to seeing the next generation of fighters, the 22 year old says she is humbled.

“It keeps you really grounded,” Caldwell admits. “I think a lot of people get ahead in the sport and start getting a little too interested in the celebrity aspect of it and all the attention they are getting. But when I see a younger girl come into the gym and wants to train, it makes me wanna be a good role model for her, and show her what the sport is all about. And (to show her) how to be a better athlete and competitor.”

Being only 5’6 and in the 145 pound division, Caldwell isn’t wavering when it comes to stronger opponents.

“A lot of people get intimidated by muscles, and I know Jan Finney, the girl I’m fighting, is ripped out all toned and everything. But you gotta think to yourself ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall,’ too. I am looking to take her down with technique and just completely out skill her.”

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