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Fight Video of Tara LaRosa vs Roxanne Modafferi II

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Roxanne Modafferi

Here is roxy’s website:

Roxanne Modafferi’s Official Web Presence: Welcome!

Fighter Status Professional
First Name Roxanne V.
Last Name Modafferi
Nick Name Roxy
Win-Loss-Draw-NC 15-5-0-0
Birthdate 9/24/1982
Fighting Style MMA
Club / Gym Wajitsu Keishukai Tokyo Honbu
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Height 5’7″
Weight 135
Fighter Bio
Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
Win Tara LaRosa Decision (Split) Moosin: God of Martial Arts – DCU Center 5/21/2010 3 5:00
Win Molly Helsel Submission (RNC) KOTC: Toryumon – Okinawa Convention Center 1/30/2010 2 3:18
Loss Marloes Coenen Submission (Armbar) Strikeforce: Fedor vs Rogers – Chicago, IL 11/7/2009 1 1:05
Win Chisa Yonezawa Unanimous Decision Valkyrie – Differ Ariake Arena 11/8/2008 2 3:00
Win Vanessa Porto TKO Fatal Femmes Fighting 4 – Shrine Expo Center 4/3/2008 3 0:53
Win Marloes Coenen Decision (Split) K – Grace 1 – Differ Ariake 5/27/2007 2 3:00
Win Megumi Yabushita Decision (Unanimous) K – Grace 1 – Differ Ariake 5/27/2007 2 3:00
Win Hee Jin Lee Submission (Armbar) K – Grace 1 – Differ Ariake 5/27/2007 1 2:56
Win Casey Blaso Decision (Split) Fatal Femmes Fighting 1 – Japan America Theatre 2/17/2007 5 2:00
Loss Shayna Baszler Submission (Kimura) MARS – bodogFIGHT 1 – Shinjuku Face 10/4/2006 1 1:08
Win Megumi Yabushita Decision (Unanimous) G-Shooto – G-Shooto 05 – Shinjuku Face 5/6/2006 2 5:00
Loss Tara LaRosa Decision MFC Boardwalk Blitz – Boardwalk Hall 3/4/2006 3 5:00
Loss Laura D’Auguste Decision (Unanimous) ROC 8 – Ring of Combat 8 – New Jersey 3/19/2005 3 5:00
Win Jennifer Howe Submission (Triangle Choke) IFC – Eve of Destruction – Salt Lake City 3/5/2005 3 1:47
Loss Megumi Yabushita Decision (Unanimous) Smackgirl – World ReMix – Shizuoka 12/19/2004 2 5:00
Win Ana Carolina Decision (Unanimous) Smackgirl – World ReMix – Shizuoka 12/19/2004 2 5:00
Win Jennifer Howe Decision (Unanimous) HOOKnSHOOT – Evolution – Evansville 11/6/2004 3 5:00
Win Natsuko Kikukawa Decision (Unanimous) Smackgirl – F8 – Tokyo 5/16/2004 3 5:00
Win Keiko Tamai Decision (Unanimous) GCM – Cross Section 1 – Japan 4/18/2004 2 5:00
Win Hikaru Shinohara Submission (Armbar) Smackgirl – Third Season 7 – Tokyo 11/10/2003 1 1:58


Here is some Video of Roxanne’s fights, more videos to come soon..

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxanne Modafferi vs Jen Howe

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxanne Modafferi vs Jen Howe

[flashvideo file=”,%203).flv” /]

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxanne Modafferi vs Laura D’Auguste

[flashvideo file=”’Auguste.flv” /]

Roxanne Modafferi vs Shayna Baszler

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxanne Modafferi vs Marloes Coenen

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxanne Modafferi and Megumi Fujii showing a technique:

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Friday, November 06, 2009

Wow Roxy looks ready to fight…..cannot wait for her to get in the ring….Keep them coming Roxy….

Roxanne’s strikeforce vlog 2
Current mood:  ecstatic

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Friday, November 06, 2009

Kick @$$ day # 2
Current mood:  energetic

So yesterday we had the press conference, and it turns out we were the only undercard members there.  But I got to chat with a lot of pro fighters and get their autographs.  Gegard is really nice. XD  And KIRIK IS HERE! My beloved COACH! *superhugglomp*!!!!!!!  And I got interviewed by Frank Shamrock and people 😀
Sir Mayhem is cool.  I was a fan before, but now I am a BIG fan! 😀  He is also slightly insane but it’s part of his charm!
kirik roxy shamrock
Kirik, Roxy, Frank Shamrock
sir mayhem
sir Mayhem and I
Anderson ‘bigfoot’ Silva and his group and I
brett rogers
Brett Rogers and I! He’s really cool! lol when I introduced myself, he said, “You’re not a fighter!” I said, “Yes I am!” and he said, “No you ain’t! Here lemme see your hands!” and even the calloused knuckles didn’t convince him. but then I gave him my business card and website and he was like “ooooh cool.”
Dude  shook hands with Mr. Bigfoot…his hand was HUGE!  It was like FIVE TIMES the size of mine, LOL.

At the press conference we didn’t get to sit on the podium. actually, Marloes and I sat in the audience…next to each other. lol We were whispering back and forth about various things, it was funny. Then when we did the face off, she gave a killer look like “I’m gonna knee your face” and squeezed my hand hard…I got really excited about that. If I could make a mean face, I would, but my ‘mean’ face looks neutral at best…so I just smile. I CAN’T WAIT. I just wanna get in there!!

mmajunkie said:

Wow this is great news, I cannot wait for this fight to happen on Saturday! Roxy!!! I so cannot wait, you are coming back to the US! wooohooo

CHICAGO – While it was initially thought possible, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker made it official: the winner of Saturday’s bout between Marloes Coenen (16-3) and Roxanne Modafferi (13-4) will, in fact, earn a title shot with current 145-pound champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (8-1).
Coker confirmed the plans with ( on Thursday following a press gathering for Saturday’s “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers” event.
In a preliminary-card bout likely to air (either completely or in part) on CBS, Modafferi and Coenen meet in a rematch from their initial meeting in May 2007.
In the finale of a same-night, eight-woman tournament, Modafferi reigned supreme and posted a split-decision win over Coenen. The rematch comes Saturday at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Ill., (near Chicago). The winner will then meet Santos, who was forced off Saturday’s card because of a shoulder injury. Coker said that title fight is planned for a currently unannounced January event.
Santos won the belt in August by scoring a first-round TKO victory over Gina Carano. Santos was then expected to fight Coenen on Saturday but was replaced by Erin Toughill. And while it seemed likely the Coenen vs. Toughill winner would get a title shot, it wasn’t exactly clear if that was the case once Modafferi, who usually fights at 135 pounds, replaced Toughill (undisclosed medical reasons) and took the fight on a couple weeks’ notice.
“Oh no, it’s definitely a No. 1 contender’s (bout),” Coker told “Whoever wins this fight will fight Santos.”
Coker didn’t have details for that January event. It’s a possibility it could air on CBS, but Coker said any decisions about the 2010 Strikeforce-CBS schedule will be madeafter Saturday’s event, likely once officials have had a chance to comb through the initial ratings. (Saturday’s event kicks off a multi-event deal between Strikeforce and CBS.)
Modafferi, who recently signed with Strikeforce, enters the organization with a six-fight win streak. However, she’s fought just once in the past 19 fights. Now living in Japan, Modafferi has struggled to find fights overseas and back home in the U.S., where many promoters reluctantly “give gas money … let alone international airfare,” she said.
However, after signing a multi-fight deal, she’s hopeful Strikeforce, with its ever-growing female roster and exposure on both CBS and Showtime, will become her long-term home.
Coenen, meanwhile, also makes her promotional debut at Saturday’s event. The Dutch grappler was announced as Strikeforce’s latest acquisition following Santos’ win over Carano in August. Prior to a decision loss to Cindy Dandois in January, Coenen had posted eight wins in a nine-fight span; the lone loss came to Modafferi.
For the latest on “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers,” stay tuned to the MMA Rumors section of

Don’t forget as always you can listen to the archived podcast of Roxy done by me and MarQ-News editor from listen here: Roxy the podcast can be also downloaded to iTunes or Microsoft Zune, the file is in .mp3 format.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Many people helped Roxy today!!! 😀

What a KICK A$$ day I had today.
I went to the open workout…I was not happy thinking that Marloes would get to see me work out…but she never came.  Why not?  I want her to get publicity, too!  Nobody knows about her! 😦
There was this guy who I KNEW his face, and I even remembered details about his fight, but I COULD NOT remember his name.  Finally I asked and he was like “I’m Scott Smith.”  You know, “Hands of Steel?”  FRICK’N COOL!!!
So (after he signed my magazine) I got him to hold pads for me, because my coach isn’t here!!!! 😀 THANK YOU!!
roxy and scott
I also met my new boyfriend in the POW gym in Chicago!  We simply must do something about his skintone, though…
roxy's new boyfriend
Oh let’s not forget the wonderful drivers who drive us everywhere and also are on the UG!
F the UG
Then I met Erin from  I love that lady.  I had SUCH a fun time chatting!  And she helped me make weight!!
erin helping roxy
Here and here!!
Then We went and found some other guys in this Chinese restaurant, and Shonie Carter was there?!?!? They had RUN INTO HIM ON THE STREET?!?!?  And we both wanted to snap pics…(after he signed my magazine XD)  haha he’s a paparazzi, like me!
roxy and shonie
And he let me try on his hat!!!
roxy and shonie's hat
and I chatted with the Brazilians Favricio Verdum and his trainer Philipe? (?) in the car. lol Funny guys. Damn I used to be good at Portuguese and Spanish. Now I can’t speak it for crap…but omg today was great. I also bought Spyro and Tomb Raider for PS2. Gonna go play now 😀

Roxy is at website with a article on her life history and facing Marloes this weekend, kinda neat article

Modafferi puts years of training — in and out of gym — to the test

Pursuing passions is a way of life for Roxanne Modafferi. At the moment, she’s happily chasing two, though that number seems to vary by the day.

“I’m pretty busy, not too much of a social life,” said Modafferi, who is scheduled to face Marloes Coenen at Strikeforce card Saturday. “That’s one of the drawbacks.”

Conjoined at the top of her to-do list: become the best female fighter in MMA, and speak flawless Japanese. In a sense, the latter helped her find the former.

Following high school, Modafferi enrolled at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where she jumped into the linguistics program. Downtime was rare. From 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. she schmeared the morning away at a bagel shop. Classes filled her days, and gym time occupied evenings. Some would say earning a degree from UMass in four years is as impressive as anything Modafferi accomplished in the fight game, and there is plenty to boast of when it comes to that.

Modafferi spent her junior year in Japan, where her fistic and linguistic skills were put to the test. Having participated in judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu throughout high school, she was a fan of MMA after watching Caol Unocompete in the UFC in 2001. In college, she sought out facilities at which to train, including the Amherst Athletic Club, a small gym partly owned and operated by Kirik Jenness, a pioneer of the online MMA community who will work her corner Saturday.

Fighting, it seemed to Modafferi, made as much sense as her dream of becoming a United Nations-caliber interpreter.

“I haven’t gotten as good as I thought I would in Japanese,” she said, “but my vocabulary for martial arts has gone up a lot.”

After graduation, Modafferi returned to the island nation, and today calls a tiny one-room apartment 30 minutes outside Tokyo home. As she did in Amherst, Modafferi spends her waking hours working and training.

Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been enough fighting.

Saturday’s bout versus Coenen (19-3), a rematch of a 2007 contest the highly regarded Modafferi (13-4) took on points, is her first in 12 months. Though the inability to land a fight was “really depressing,” she focused on refining her game, becoming “a master” at her trade and “achieving perfect technique.”

Let no one suggest Modafferi is a woman who sells herself short.

Stepping in on late notice after injury forced Erin Toughill off the Strikeforce-promoted,Fedor Emelianenko-headlined event, Modafferi, who generally competes at 135 pounds, has been asked to move up in weight to the division now ruled by Cristiane“Cyborg”Santos. A validating win over Coenen could put Modafferi, who considers herself among the 10 best female fighters in the sport, in position to challenge the woman that dismantled Gina Carano last August.

“I’m definitely a different fighter than I was two years ago,” Modafferi said. “I don’t know about Coenen. She’s coming off a loss, but we all have our days. I’m just going to try and imagine she’s an all-around fighter and will do everything right. So I have to go in there and do everything better.”

The opportunity to fight in the States on a stage of this magnitude is not an option in Japan, even with combat sports being such an engrained part of the culture.

Japanese people “aren’t shocked to hear you’re a fighter,” she said, “but it’s definitely not as well respected [as the men]. We just want to fight. I think everybody is happy and glad that women are getting a chance.”

Modafferi considers herself part of a unique sorority.

“I think it’s a lot different” than men’s MMA, said the self-described mat-rat. “We all know each other and mess with each other. I just enjoy it. It’s my passion. And actually getting in a cage or a ring is a challenge. It’s a test of all my training, all my skills. It’s a way for me to know if I’m improving and to see how good I am against other women.”

Read more:

Roxy is sure having a good time, like she said I cannot wait for her to fight. I wonder what her opponent is doing.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday morning in Chicago
Current mood:  bored

Wow, so far 1221 hits on my blog this week, and it’s only Wednesday. lol
My coach Kirik comes on Thursday, so I’m all alone. ;_;
I want to get back to gamestop, see what other games I can get besides Twisted Metal Black, and Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi.  I think I’ll ask the shuttle guy.
Today is the “open public” work out.  But my coach isn’t here…who am I going to work out with?  My imaginary friend! 😀 I don’t want my opponent to see me work out.   ^^;;
Everyone is telling me to “eat more, gain more weight!” I only had a kamaboko (fish stick) and Nutrigrain bar last night cuz I wasn’t hungry, and this morning I stepped on the scale and I was half a lb lighter. I was like “Oh yay….wait F*CK!”  I should go eat a donut…this is so bizarre. ^^;;
I can’t wait to fight, I can’t wait to fight, I can’t wait to fight.
I ran stairs last night.  Which is hard when you’re on the 3rd floor. LOL and I lifted this morning, and did calesthetics, etc.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I am so jetlagged, raaar!!
Current mood:  excited

I am super jet-lagged and super bored.  I tried to tire myself out last night and then go to bed, but I slept from 10 to 2 AM. @_@  Then exercised a bit, read my book, ate ANIMAL CRACKERS, wooooo…checked my email etc….
at 6:30 the restaurant opened so I had an omelette and French toast, but it was COOL.  The cook mixed in cornflakes in the egg, so the french toast was crispy! 😀  SO GOOD omg but I really want some vegetables. I always have a big portion in the morning, so I miss them….
Today I get my medical check.
DUDE DUDE I SAW FEDOR having dinner in the hotel restaurant. 😀 I want his autograph! but obviously I’m not gonna inturrupt him.
and the lady who is taking care of me said that a ton of famous fighters are coming! I have my picture magazine, so I’m gonna see how many signatures I can collect. XD I really wanna meet Mayhem!
I’m bored! @_@
oh I finished my book, Forest King, by Paul Thompson (A Dragon Lance book) and now I’m starting on the Elven Exiles series by him and Tonya C. Cook.
maybe I’ll go exercise some more…lol I’m trying so hard to diet, and everyone’s like “EAT MORE! Have some cake! 😀 Want food?”  cuz I’m fighting at 145.  It’s okay, I’ll win anyway!  I AM ROXY HEAR ME RAAAARRRRR!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fedor winked at me
Current mood:  ecstatic

LOL So yesterday I had some time and I walked over to the shopping mall.
A wonderful generous friend is going to send me a PS1, I think?  But I couldn’t help myself and I bought a used PS2 at gamestop.  It’s okay to have two, now my memory card for PS1 will still work if I get a PS1, too.  Which is the most important part.  I also got sneakers.  Actually, when I opened the box when I got back to my hotel room, I opened it and found that the guy had forgotten to put the actual PLAYSTATION in there. So I had to ask the nice guy who was driving me around to my doc’s apt. to take me back.  He was really nice… 🙂  I enjoyed chatting with him.
So I bought the PS2, an extra game controller, Twisted Metal Black, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaiichi, and a used memory card, all for $125 bucks!!! ;D  I was playing last night and this morning and OMFG it’s so much fun. XD
The first level of black is really hard- there’s not many places to hide, and I gotta get used to the controllers again.  I like how your life goes down if you hit something.  It makes it somewhat realistic and forces you to be careful and not just go crashing into walls.
As for Tenkaichi, O.M.G.  The graphics are COOL and the variety of movement?!? I came from the PS1 The Final Bout, but this has so many more dimentions and things you can do!  You can dash, and avoid at close range, and do finishes and various levels of blocking and combos. It’s the speed moves, and the disappearing tricks that I love the most- they really are like the TV series.
Now, you have to remember that Power Rangers inspired me to start Tae Kwon Do, but it was through Dragon Ball Z that I got my inspiration to actually FIGHT and it remained something that I watched and loved as I trained for my fights.  lol They just kick so much @$$ it’s unbelievable.  They are so frigging cool.
So I met Marloes yesterday and I got her autograph.  She was like, “I can’t believe we’re gonna fight and you’re asking me to sign your magazine!”
Then I saw Fedor in Sports Authority with his Russian Posse (scary guys with long beards! XD) and introduced myself and shook his hand and got his autograph!  Then we ran into each other again at the doctor’s and he kind of winked at me as I was leaving. XD XD I was gonna ask him “How do I REALLY pronounce your name?” but I was nervous and forgot. ^^;;; I must have seemed like SUCH a fan girl…
I am so so so so pumped to be here.  I’m not even nervous or thinking about the fight, because when I think about fighting, I get so excited I just wanna jump out of my skin or puke or something.  ^^;; So I’m actually trying to think of other things…
try not to turn into a tubby from all the good food I miss out on all the time.
omg there are donuts over there in the lobby…RESIST!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

video journal entry

[flashvideo file=”” /]

Roxy posted some cool stuff on her Facebook check it out:

Roxanne Modafferi I also met Marloes! ;D And I got her to sign my magazine book! She was like “We’re gonna fight and you want me to sign your book!?!” Hells yes, and OH I met Fedor and he was nice and shook my hand! Then I ran into him at the doctors and he winked at me as I passed! 😀 He signed my book!!!!

Stay tuned for my more updates on Roxanne and check out her live interview with SportsGeeks a few days ago….

Check out Roxy’s Last fight that she posted on her myspace:

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