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Fighter Status Professional
First Name Lacey
Last Name Schuckman
Nick Name The Ladie
Win-Loss-Draw-NC 3-2-0-0
Birthdate 7/16/88
Club / Gym Team Rugburn
City Lakewood
State / Province CO
Country USA
Height 5’3
Weight 120
Fighter Bio
I grew up in a small town in Colorado with my Mom, Peggy, and my 3 sisters, Angi. Lisa, and Talitha. I was always decent in school and played Lacrosse for about 3-4 years. I was a trouble maker from day one. The first time I got suspended I was in 3rd grade and a boy named Michael poked me with his pencil so I punched him in the nose. That seemed to be the story of my life, schoolyard fights and getting in trouble. When I was 12 I met my now husband Randall. When we teamed up that really was trouble, we just couldn’t seem to get very far from it. When I was 15 I was arrested for assaulting a boy that had tried to take advantage of me. That changed my whole life, I realized life isn’t fair and you have to make it what it will be for you. My husband had gotten into Traditional martial arts and I saw how good he was getting. I finally got tired of him picking on me and I started training as well. Through training we met several mma fighters and realized that we wanted to do the sport we had watched for many years on video. I knew this was the positive aspect of my life I was looking for. We started training with 5X World Muay Thai Champion and MMA fighter John Cronk. After a short time we moved on and began training at Rocky Mountain Karate with Hale Hilsabeck I had my first 8 muay thai fights under this school at the age of 17. This is when we realized that we needed more sport specific training for MMA. We began training with Rickson Gracie affiliate Rex Payne with Team Bad Breed. I had two amateur mma fights under this school. Later that year my husband had to have surgury for a hernia which forced us to take about a year off. I got married to love of my life, mentor, coach, and inspiration and adopted a few more dogs which brought the count up to 4 dogs. My Lhaso Apso, Shaggy, my miniature dachshund hound, Fenway and my two Pitbulls, Keeva, and Kaos. We really try hard to help rescue Pitbulls and fight against breed specific legislation. Then in 2008 My husband and I began a fight team out of The Pressroom called Team Rugburn. We offer Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling, boxing, road work and claistenics, strength and conditioning and what we call mma mindstate. We have a work ethic of never quit and teamwork! Since then I have gone 7-1. In January of 2009 I made my pro debut in The G-Fight Grand Prix and made it to the semi finals losing to world kickboxing champion Lisa Higo(4-0) by decision. I am now focusing on my husband and myself and our future in this sport and striving to gain more knowledge, skill, and technique everyday. We hope to open a larger facility soon and train the future stars of mma.
Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
Loss Jeri Sitzes TKO ShoMMA: Strikeforce Challenger Series 3 – Tulsa, OK 9/25/2009 3 2:18
Win Jess Taylor TKO Fearless Fighting Championship – WI 4/11/2009 1 4:43
Win Tammie Schneider Submission (Rear Naked Choke) C3 Fights – Oklahoma 2/28/2009 1 1:59
Loss Lisa Higo Decision 2009 HOOKnSHOOT/GFIGHT Grand Prix – Evansville Memorial Coliseum 1/16/2009 3 3:00
Win Mariah Reed Decision 2009 HOOKnSHOOT/GFIGHT Grand Prix – Evansville Memorial Coliseum 1/16/2009 3 3:00


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