Did Jessica Eye Cheat her way to the top? Updated 1728hrs

According to the TDLR Jessica Eye has been suspended for one year for a failed drug test, a picture has been provided for the results and the fine.

jessica eye suspension

there are many rumors floating around right now with what is going on but a fight that is between Alexis Davis and Jessica Eye is on for now at UFC 170 but anything after is for Jessica is up in the air for now. Hopefully Jessica will come out and explain everything about this situation soon, because this will kill her reputation as a fighter and damage wmma.

According to a Bleacher Report article: 

“Marc Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, confirmed with Bleacher Report that Eye’s fight against Alexis Davis will indeed move forward on February 22. 


Separate sources also told Bleacher Report that the substance Eye failed for was not performance-enhancing, but rather a blood-thinning medication used to treat a long-term issue stemming from an accident when she was hit by a drunk driver at 16 years old.”

Wow that’s crazy, what did she do forget to put that meds on her application when she applied for her license with the TDLR? or is there a vendetta going? or did Sarah Kaufman yell loud enough? come on man???