Raw Play by Play Jessica Eye vs. Sarah Kaufman at UFC 166

jessica-eye-sarah-kaufman-ufc-166-posterJessica Eye vs. Sarah Kaufman
Rnd 1
Jessica and Sarah are both in the octagon and are ready to go, both fighters look determined, but Jessica looks more determined than sarah, but Sarah has been sneaky, …both fighters clinch, good knees by sarah and upper cut by jessica, good jabs by sarah, jessica gets great combos in, sarah gets the clinch and some jabs in, knee by sarah and uppercut by sarah, uppercut by jessica, clinch by, good combo by jessica, sarah taking the punishment, good right hand by sarah, 10-9 round to Eye


Rnd 2
both fighters coming out feeling each other good jabs by both fighters, good jab by sarah, good jab by jessica, good timing by jessica, good jabs by both fighters, swelling by sarah eye’s left, kick by jessica, jab by sarah, clinch by sarah, sarah’s eye is closed on the left, clinched on the cage, sarah gets the jabs in, jabs by eye, sarah gets kicks in, jabs by sarah, sarah gets in Sarah gets the round 10-9 over Eye


Rnd 3
jabs by both fighters, clinches, both fighters getting jabs in, good right hand by sarah, good leg kicks by jessica, good jabs by both fighters, clinched by sarah, pressed by sarah, jab by jessica, jessica gets hit hard with a right hand, sarah gets the right hand and jessica’s eye is swollen, wow what a fight!!

but I have it Jessica Eye winning it 2-1 over Sarah Kaufman we will see the official decision

Jessica Eye Defeats Sarah Kaufman By Decision (Split) at UFC 166

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