Miesha Tate also heading to UFC with Ronda Rousey

Miesha also said last night that she was joining UFC along side Ronda Rousey in upcoming year. Tate who lost to Ronda was looking to step back away from fighting after her loss from Rousey, but challenger herself and came back with a victory against Julie Kedzie back in August of this year. Tate who is 1-1 in 2012 and 13-3 as a professional overall will start her career in the UFC and I am sure that it will be a good one. Miesha has been the ultimate female fighter in pioneering women’s mma to the mainstream doing whatever she can to make women’s mma stand out above the rest. Miesha-Tate

Tate who just came back from a trip to Brazil is looking forward to being in the UFC and I talk to her last night she says even though the ink is not dry as of yet it’s a no brainer that she is also going to the UFC and also said that it was made clear to her that she is going to have a home under the UFC banner but final terms have not been reached yet. I am sure final terms will be reached soon.

Tate who is looking for another fight against Ronda after her devastating armbar loss to Rousey will probably have to wait a bit since there are other fighters looking to get the first crack to break Rousey’s undefeated record which include Sara McMann and Cris Cyborg. I am sure that if Cyborg and McMann both lose to Rousey that Tate will get another crack at Rousey.

I am pretty sure that Dana White is looking for the better fight card potential and right now, everyone knows that a Cyborg/Rousey match would be the ultimate match, especially in business and for the card.

I want to say good luck to Miesha on her upcoming career with UFC and hope the best for her!


Frank L Ramirez

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