RONDA ROUSEY Becomes 1st Female Fighter to Join UFC

ronda-rousey-cThat’s right everyone, Ronda made the big time, she’s now the 135 lb. women’s champion. Ronda has been fighting for Strikeforce for about a year now, and has won every fight she has fought in the cage by armbar. Ronda who is 6-0 as a pro and is 2-0 in 2012 looks to have fight in 2012 against either Sara McMann, Cris Cyborg or her rival Miesha Tate, she already fought Miesha and beat her with her classic armbar. Rousey has yet to face McMann and Cyborg, everyone in wmma community would love to see Rousey take on Cyborg but Rousey has stated many times that Cyborg would have to go under a microscope in her training camp since she was busted last year for using drugs and suspended for a year. Cyborg gets off suspension in December and looks to head over to Invicta very soon, but I am sure that a fight between Cyborg and Rousey could happen in the future.

Rousey and McMann would more likely the better matchup since both fighters are from the same common ground and I would like to see how they would match up in the cage since Sara is also undefeated with her last fight against Shayna Baszler back in July with InvictaFC. Both fighters are well within their weight class and about the same height and I am sure that this would be a battle on the ground of grand proportions.

So look for more information coming from UFC on this story in the coming weeks.

“And there’s more … sources say Strikeforce, which airs on Showtime, will be running its last event in January before folding up shop for good. A rep for Strikeforce had no comment.
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Good luck to Ronda Rousey on her upcoming Career with UFC I hope that you get that pay day that all the wmma community has been fighting for all these years!

Frank L Ramirez

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