Blackeye Promotions Signs Elaina Maxwell; Lybarger Sisters

Via Press Release:

Blackeye Promotions is proud to announce the signing of three fighters to the 2012 Blackeye WMMA Division.  The Blackeye WMMA Division is recruiting fighters in the weight classes of 105, 115, 125, 135,145 and 155 lbs.  Our three new female fighters will be competing in the inaugural 2012 season of Blackeye WMMA at 145, 125, and 115, respectively.

Elaina Maxwell has signed with Blackeye WMMA to fight in the 145 lbs. weight class.  Ms. Maxwell brings a competitive Professional MMA record 6-4 and highly decorated martial arts experience to the Blackeye Cage in 2012.Ms. Maxwell has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 of the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings Featherweight Division.  Her personality and passion for MMA shines through every time she enters the cage.Her elite fighting skills combined with her experience and high level energy makes her a triple threat to the competition and she will be challenger for the Blackeye WMMA World 145 Title.  Ms. Maxwell currently trains at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, CA.

Making their Professional WMMA Debut together in 2012 as Blackeye WMMA Fighters will be identical twin sisters, Jocelyn Lybarger and Jillian Lybarger.  The Lybargers are WMMA’s first ever fighting twin sisters.Jillian was the first of sisters to enter into MMA training with Jocelyn falling her into the cage.  The pair have been fierce amateur WMMA competitors, but have shown heart and compassion outside of the cage serving as spokespersons for It Ain’t Chemo and directly impacting the lives of women, men, and children fighting the good fight against cancer.

Jillian will be making her Pro WMMA Debut in the 115 lbs. weight class. Jillian will put her 4-3 amateur record to the test when she enters the Blackeye Cage as a Professional WMMA Fighter, drawing upon her struggle over adversity and her focused dedication to her training and the sport of MMA to do battle in the 115 lbs. weight class fighting to reach title contention.

Jocelyn will be fighting in the Blackeye WMMA 125 weight class.  Jocelyn’s interest in MMA was sparked by her sister’s early training in Brazilian Ju-jitsu and grappling.  Jocelyn has proven herself in the sport of MMA with an impressive amateur record of 4-1.  Jocelyn will step up and into the Blackeye Cage to face her first pro level competition in 2012 with not only strong experience, but tight striking skills and a hunger to be a Blackeye WMMA World 125 lbs. Champion.

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