Sara McMann Victorious in Hawaii

Sara McMann now (4-0) defeats Raquel Pa’Aluhi now falls to (3-2) by technical submission armlock (keylock).

saramcmann_thumb[8]This fight was fought hard from the beginning both fighters came out swinging. Sara did get a great knee shot to Raquel’s head and that was a changer for the fight, since I think that Raquel was looking for something else from Sara and to me it looked like Raquel was looking for more of ground game then stand up in the beginning. Sara had some vicious takedown/slamdowns on Raquel and by reading twitter of Raquel she said her back is messed up and heck it hurt me just by watching it.

Both fighters on the ground did great a job, Sara was getting in some great punches on the ground but Pa’Aluhi was taking it as a seasoned female mixed martial artist. One thing that stood out in this fight was the way Sara let Raquel up from the ground which I think was great to see and giving great respect to Raquel. Some fights I have seen when a fighter would not let the other fighter up at all and try to gain position from the standing up position to do some ground and pound. The fight was dominated by Sara through all rounds that were fought but Raquel sure put up a great fight to try find a way to win the fight but in the end Sara caught her with the armlock and the fight was called by the referee.

One thing that I have to say that with all the body slams that it looked like it took a toll on Raquel’s body and it showed in the last round. Great job Raquel you put up one hell of fight against Sara. Congrats Sara for getting another win and hope to see you both back in the cage soon.

Frank L Ramirez



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