Amanda Lucas Wins in Japan at Deep 55


Amanda Lucas now (2-1) defeats Hikaru Shinohara falls to (6-8) by submission(armbar).

This fight was totally controlled by Amanda and in the end Shinohara corner through in the towel and the referee called it. Shinohara was so upset that her corner through in the towel that she punched her cornerman and even pushed the referee to state her case that she was not tapping or wanted the fight stopped. Amanda looked great in the cage, and even with Shinohara trying to plead her case Amanda acting just like every fighter would after a win and was calm, cool and collected. Watching the fight for the 10th time I always see something different, but one thing that really stuck out was in the beginning of the first round and the ref broke them up, Shinohara tried to go for a leg kick to the face and she fell backwards, I think this was the point in the fight that Amanda had total control with her ground and pound and Shinohara would not make a come back. Something else that stuck me was when Amanda had her on the ground she had so much control and you can see Shinohara getting tired, and when she had the arm bar Shinohara was really trying her hardest to kick Amanda in her head and she landed a few but that did not effect Amanda at all, Amanda did a great job blocking the leg kick of Shinohara and then the fight was stopped when Amanda had a an awesome armbar that’s when the towel was thrown in by Shinohara conerman and Amanda won, awesome job Amanda.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda last year and what an interview she gave us check it out sometime, I hope to have Amanda back on SGSRadio to see what’s up for her next fight, just remember everyone it is a little harder for heavyweights to find fights I hope this fight will help gain some momentum for the heavyweight division. I noticed also that on my wmma group that a few heavyweights are looking for some fights and hope that they find some soon.

Frank L Ramirez


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