Marloes Coenen Signs with Blackeye Promotion

243764_209730862393474_209720485727845_656914_4127851_oReceived word that Marloes Coenen (19-5) has signed a 3 fight deal with Blackeye Promotion for 2012 here is her statement that was posted on the Blackeye website:

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to be part of Blackeye Promotions, as they have an honest passion for the sport and are genuinely committed to building a platform for women in MMA. Equality for women in this sport is a cause close to my heart and important to the generations of women fighters that will compete after me. I am happy to be signed with a promotion that not only supports this quest for equality, but is dedicated and committed to making a difference.”

Marloes who was let go by Strikeforc (i.e. UFC/Zuffa) after her loss was in a rock and hard place and was looking for a new home while she is still in the states traveling seeing various sites. With this new opportunity with Blackeye Marloes has a new home to show her skill and keep women’s mma alive and hopefully one day make women’s mma just as popular as the men. You can see in her statement that she has no plans to back down and I am sure that she will show Strikeforce they made a mistake in letting go one of the top female athletes in the world.

I know I was very upset to see what happened with Marloes and when I met her in Columbus after her win against Liz Carmouche I was thinking that she would go a long way with Strikeforce no matter the outcome of upcoming fights.

To this day I am still disappointed in Strikeforce and right now I don’t see them putting on many wmma fights in the future but time will tell…

Frank L Ramirez



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