Amanda Lucas Defeats Hikaru Shinohara at Deep 55


Amanda Lucas wins round 1 via corner stoppage and a DEEP armbar, and a little message from Amanda’s Facebook profile Amanda Lucas “I won! I dominated her on the ground major ground and pound. Caught her in an armbar end of the first. She wouldn’t tap and her corner threw in the towel. She punched her cornerman and gave him a black eye!”

Amanda Lucas goes to (2-1) and hopefully she will  get another fight sometime this year, If any promotion is looking for a fighter in the 145lb+ range contact Amanda Lucas I bet she would be happy to fight again.

Hikaru Shinohara now falls to (6-9). Hikaru did have to go up in weight, I have read online that she has fought at 115 or 120 and gained weight to fight at 71Kg which I am stunned to see since Amanda is a natural heavyweight and from what I read dominated and used that to her advantage to bring home a victory.

Good to see both fighters are good and I am soooooo happy that Amanda won.

Wow I see that this was a awesome fight and Amanda did everything she was trained for to win and win with a fury.

I am reading at different places online that Hikaru’s cornerman has a nice shiner and she did not want the fight to stop.

I am sure that Amanda had the armbar in a lock and this is probably why they through in the towel. I will get some more comments from Amanda when she gets back from Japan and hopefully I can get her back on the air.

Here are some pics of Amanda provided by Daniel Herbertson during the fight

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