mcmannSara McMann (3-0) travels to Hawaii to face Raquel Pa’aluhi for Pro-Elite, McMann a Olympic star earn her way to a Silver medal for wrestling at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece. Sara also was a Silver Medalist in 2003 World Championships and Bronze Medalist in 2005 & 2007 World Championships. Sara from Marion North Carolina, has been wrestling since she was 14 and never looked back.

McMann MMA career has met its ups and downs with she tried to sign a contract with Strikeforce at 135lb but due to an extension clause in the contract she ended not signing and after that she had a fight in which was going to be her debut but that fell through when the cage was unsafe to fight. Most of the fights that were scheduled up till her first fight we canceled due to fighters backing out because of who she is, and she does bring many skills to the cage.

Finally in May she made her pro debut and defeated Christina Marks by a Rear naked Choke. since then Sara has been on a win streak and looking to go 4-0.

Raquel Paaluhi22Raquel who is (3-1) coming off a win Nikohl Johnson back in March looks to make her mark by adding another win, she trains out of her hometown of Waianae at the Hakuilua Gym. She has been quoted as saying “Someone is either gonna be submitted or knocked out.” and “…when I don’t have an answer for it, I go to the gym the next day and I find one.” and one more “…anyone who steps in the cage with me is trying to steal my dream…”   Wow, now that’s what I call dedication to WMMA community and I bet she makes a big impact on Sara, we will see…

Looking over both records of both fighters the matchmaker did a great job of getting these two young females in the cage and I can see this will be a great match up, both fighters have gone the distance so that’s a plus, both fighters know what its like to be in the cage for a full 3×5 cage match.

This fight will also be covered at our community forum with pics, photos and a poll, join us over there for a discussion over this fight…

Good Luck to both fighters and God Speed


Frank L Ramirez



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