Amanda Lucas Heads to Japan to Face Hikaru Shinohara

amandalucasAmanda Lucas(1-1) is heading to Japan to take on Hikaru Shinohara at Deep 55, what a great opportunity for Amanda to make a big impact overseas and show off her skills, Amanda trains at Fairtex in San Francisco as well as Gilbert Melendez’s Skrap Pack team and Cesar Gracie Academy. Amanda last fight was scrapped due to her opponent did not make weight at FCF in Oklahoma, Reading Amanda’s profile she was really looking forward to that last fight, she trained and wanted to fight, but since her opponent could not make weight the fight was canceled.

Amanda now has moved on and is in Japan ready to fight, reading her Facebook profile just now she posted that she is 48 hrs away from weigh-ins and can’t wait.


Hikaru Shinohara who is (6-7) and trains out of Yokthai Gym lost her last match against  Miku Matsumoto by submission at shinoharaDeep Protect Impact in 2008, looks like Hikaru has been off for a while for good reason too, she got married and had a kid, awesome that women can have a child and come back to the cage and awesome that she is fighting Amanda Lucas.

Shinohara’s nick name is "The Queen of Kenka" because, according to DEEP PR, she is undefeated on the street. She won UKF MMA title in January 2007, then defended this title once in July of the same year.

She has been inactive for a while because Shinohara married a former boxing WBA Jr bantamweight world champ Yokthai Sithoar in February 2009 and became a mother in November. She is now living in the Miyagi prefecture where earthquake hit back in March. DEEP explained that Shinohara accepted this fight so she can "provide the courage to Tohoku area." provided by adcombat

This fight will be big in Japan and especially around the world, to me because it’s a heavyweight fight and I have been wanting to see some heavyweights fights so I can update my hvyweight rankings which I have been wanting to do for the past 2 months and of course wmma is awesome to watch.

Stay Tuned for updates from our community forum..good luck to both fighters and God Speed..

Frank L Ramirez



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