Michelle Ould Makes Her Case to be in Bellator

michelleouldMichelle Ould who is now (5-3) won her match against Christina Marks (2-5), who also came in overweight for the match, wins by armbar in the 3rd round. Michelle who has been out for about a year now with injuries made a statement in her match that she should get a rematch with Zoila Grugel.

Michelle who trains out of Dan Henderson’s Team Quest had to go up in weight since her opponent missed weight and the contract was resigned before the match, Michelle took that in stride, but to me I am sure she was cussing up a storm and was upset that she had to go up. In the pictures that she posted from her mobile phone you can see that she was a cool customer and was only ready to fight and win.

I am understanding that many people feel it is unprofessional for an opponent to come in overweight for a match and I have to agree, there should be no reason for that to happen and really Michelle took a chance and I have to say that the chance she took was a great one because she won and Michelle is very happy to get back in the cage and shake off some of the cagerust that most fighters have when they have not fought in a while.

Looking at the photos provided by Cageside Photos Michelle did awesome, I went through every photo and it looked like Michelle was in total control of the match from the start and I hope there will be video soon. Cageside took a great photo of the armbar it was beautifully done and I am sure Michelle is happy that she got a submission win, to me that’s one of the best ways to win, especially if you are a technical fighter.

What’s next for Michelle? well I hope that Bellator was reading all those tweets and news headlines and give Michelle a call to see what can be done, I am hearing that there could be a 125 tournament in Bellator, but Mr. Rebney stated that there was not enough fighters to do this, I am sure we can all report that there is enough fighters to do this, but to my understanding Michelle wants a rematch with Zoila and I can’t say for her, a tournament is not on her mind, I think Bellator should do this rematch cause it would bring many headlines and would be a great marketing tool, because if you read twitter in the past, wars have been going between the two and I am sure that both would definitely put on a good show, and to me there is some bad blood between the two, we will see…

Congrats Michelle on your win and I hope you do get a call from Bellator

Frank L Ramirez

Editor SportsGeeks


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