Ronda Rousey Loves her World

I noticed that prommanow wrote an article about how Ronda was more than likely dissing on Cyborg the current 145lb champ in women’s mma division with Strikeforce.

With that said I think Ronda is right, if no one is going to face Cyborg or scared to face Cyborg something needs to be done, you don’t see Strikeforce making a big effort to show off their champ as you can tell with latest negotiation with Cyborg’s contract. Nothing against Cyborg at all, she is a beautiful women and when I met her she was awesome and took a picture with me but if Strikeforce wants to show off a champ they better change their attitude cause what looks like to me that they are promoting more of the other women fighters than Cyborg herself…and I am sure that Cyborg is not happy about it all. I know I wouldn’t be? Just remember everyone when Ronda speaks she will not milk it at all…and again Ronda Loves her World!

Now Ronda, she will tell like it is and I have proof she will tell it like it is when I interviewed her a few months back…check it out here:

any questions or comments let me know…



Ronda Rousey: “We need a new face of the sport that people actually want to look at”


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