ProElite Wants Marloes Coenen for November Card

Reading the article from Ariel Helwani ProElite has this to say:

“* When asked about the recent Golden Glory free agents, Thompson said he was "very interested" in having Marloes Coenen fight on the November show. And while he admitted that Alistair Overeem is probably out of his price range, he said Jon Olav Einemo could be the perfect fit for the aforementioned GP. According to Thompson, the lines of communication between himself and Golden Glory head trainer Martijn de Jong, who fought for Thompson in 2002, have just been opened. He sounded very excited at the prospect of signing Coenen.
* Don’t expect any title fights in ProElite any time soon.”

This is good news for Marloes since she was released by Strikeforce which is owned by zuffa and im sure Dana White does not want Women’s MMA to be big in UFC at all. With any luck Marloes will be fighting soon here and abroad in Hawaii, still waiting on work if Marloes will be fighting for Blackeye promotions sometime in the near future…


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