Alexis Davis vs. Amanda Nunes in Cincinnati September 10th


From MMADiehards Alexis Davis is to take on Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes in Cincinnati. (10-4)(BAN-4)Alexis Davis coming off a victory from Julie Kedzie on July 30th is bouncing back and ready to take on (FEA-4)(6-1)Amanda Nunes who really has not gone past the second round in each of her last six victories excluding her first match in which she lost and is on a six fight win streak and looking for number seven.

Alexis Davis has lost some of her matches to some of the top female mma ranked in the world by women’s mma world rankings which include Sarah Kaufman who lost her title to Marloes Coenen and is for sure looking for a title shot against the new champion Miesha Tate.

Amanda Nunes who fights at 145 is coming down to 135 to take on Alexis and I think this will be a good match, I am working very hard to attend this event and hopefully will have interviews in the coming weeks stay tuned to SGSRadio and for all the latest news and information in women’s mma. Don’t forget to check our Facebook fanpage and twitter @sportsgeeks for the latest in women’s mma and women’s tackle football


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