Aisling Daly vs. Roxanne Modafferi September 24th

34210_1262770383339_1652127049_30606822_1612933_nWow just heard the news that this fight will happen September 24th in Fletcher, North Carolina, and is put on by BlackEye Promotions 5 at 125lbs. I so cannot wait for this fight to get signed, so far all that has been done is a verbal agreement, but I am sure lots of faxing and sending out snail mail is going on to get the paper work to the fighters.

As you all my know Roxy has now moved to another job in Japan and is very excited about this move, I have been reading her blog post and she seems so excited about training with this new job she is at. I am very happy to hear this and hope that Roxy can come to the states and kick ass.250226_10100192470100262_9104708_49425985_4629480_n

Reading some post from Aisling on her Facebook she’s  ready to kick ass too, I just love that hot pink hair, I wonder if she is going to make more pink? I guess we will see…

You all have to know that I love both fighters and it will be tough for me to decide on who will this fight, I will see what happens a little later down the road.

again good luck to Roxy and Bash, I know this will be a exciting fight….


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