Michelle Ould vs Munah Holland September 9th

michelle-ould_480_posterAccording to Michelle Ould’s Facebook fan page that a verbal agreement for a fight between Ould and Holland for Ring of Combat 37 on September 9th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Then a few weeks before that Michelle also has a fight against Christina Marks at MEZ Sports: “Pandemonium 5” on August 19th in Riverside, California.

It seems that Michelle is back to full form and shape alas that killer ankle injury that kept her out of competition for a year now and  is getting ready to make big come back and hopefully get that rematch that she has been wanting against Zoila Gurgel and hopefully it will be in Bellator. I believe myself that Michelle should get that rematch from Zoila.

You have no idea how I have been waiting for Michelle to get in the cage I guess your wishes do come true, good luck Michelle we are behind you 100% here at SportsGeeks Radio, and also wish good luck to Holland and Marks for stepping up and taking a fight with a great fighter like Michelle….


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