Celine Haga vs. Michelle Tyler August 6th

UCMMA 22 Expected to Deliver Fireworks

from MMA Opinion by Mike Hatamoto

Women’s MMA will receive a boost during UCMMA 22 on Aug 6, when Celine Haga vs. Michelle Tyler and Karen Ousey vs. Anna Zucchelli meet inside the cage.

“I’m excited to fight in UCMMA, and since I’m not used to fighting in a cage, it’s gonna be really exciting,” Haga recently said. “To be honest… whether it is Asia or Europe, when the moment of truth is arriving it is all about myself and my opponent.”

Honestly, I can’t say I know too much about either lady, but hope they absolutely bring it during UCMMA 22. Fighting inside the cage provides new challenges that help fighters, or cause them to have significant trouble making adjustments.

UCMMA 22 is headlined by Alex Reid vs. Jason Barrett and will also be shown on pay-per-view on Aug. 6.

Women’s MMA remains relatively fractured at a time when there are very few female MMA superstars available. Female superstar Gina Carano has focused more on movies, attempted a fight comeback, but failed her medicals and is now patiently waiting for another opportunity.

Pound-for-pound queen Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos had a contract dispute with Strikeforce, but reportedly is expected back inside the Strikeforce cage sometime in 2011. Submission ace Megumi Fujii is well liked among the hardcore MMA community, but is still largely unknown among casual MMA fans.

It seems unlikely any of the ladies fighting on the UCMMA card will make a long-term impact in MMA — but the women’s MMA world is desperately seeking a new superstar.


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