Zoila Frausto vs Jessica Aguilar

Here we go, fighters are making their entrances to the ring

Jessica Aguilar comes out first and they have a sweet entrance video for Jessica…

Zoila Frausto makes her way to the cage and another sweet entrance video for Zoila…

Both fighters look impressive coming to the cage

Round 1:

both fighter test distance, zoila misses with a punch, zoila getting some jabs in, jag gets 2 jabs in…frausto moving around the ring a lot, jag just following her, zoila misses with kick…standing up so far for both fighters…

jag gets a punch

zoila gets another punch in

frausto circles a lot to the right…

kick by zoila, jag goes for takedown, no good, jag is pushing zoila against cage, jag going for the takedown, jag cannot complete takedown, single leg for jag, zoila gets our of standup clinch,

zoila goes for punches with left and misses…

zoila misses with kick again…

right hand by zoila could of hit…

missing with front kick, zoila getting in with punches,

Zoila wins Round 1 10-9

Round 2

both fighters gauging again, zoila moves to the right again…

big left by zoila

both fighters still going in circles…

jag gets a jab

jabs from both fighers

jag gets a left in

kick by zoila

inside kick by frausto

zoila head kick partially blocked

straight left by aguilar

big punch by aguilar

straight punch by zoila

frausto missing a lot by kicks

Jag wins round 2 10-9


Round 3

Zoila comes out circling again jag following her…

no ground fighting at all

kick by zoila

zoila throwing jabs and missing….

jag has good punches on zoila

frausto looks  a little weak

big kick by zoila

zoila keeps pace on moving and jag following her

aguilar jab

aguilar right and then left hook

zoila bleeding from nose

good kick by zoila

good kick by jag

kick by zoila

jabs by both fighters

omg jag pulled her hair

Round 3 Jag

and check this out


Zoila Frausto beat Jessica Aguilar in a bizarre split decision (30-27, 27-30; 30-27) #Bellator

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