Cincinnati MMA: Marissa Caldwell

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The life of Cincinnati Mixed Martial Arts, comes in all shapes, sizes and genders. While the facts show that this is a very male dominant and promoted sport, the growth of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts is slowing starting to build into a more televised and respectable class.

This is where the face of Women’s MMA in Cincinnati, Ohio Marissa “Shorty” Caldwell from Team Vision MMA comes in.

To be a fighter that is well liked and respected in the fight game, you must be successful and you have to be exciting, that is what draws fans to fights. Marissa Caldwell, hammers down being exciting and successful down to the t.

Marissa Caldwell is a 23 year old who has a 2-1-0 professional record, with both of her wins coming via submission in the very first round. Her only loss, was to former number 1 contender for the woman’s  145 pound champion of Strikeforce, Jan Finny.  That was her first professional bout, in which she fought in a bloody battle that ended in Marissa being stopped in the first round. Since then, Marissa has dropped weight classes and is now competing at 125.

In her last fight, Marissa fought a very tough opponent in the previously undefeated fighter Priscilla Brownfield. Marissa stopped Priscilla before the first minute of the fight. She dominated Priscilla where Priscilla was strongest and that wrestling. Marissa quick stopped a takedown and used an inside sweep to land into mount, then her Jiu-Jitsu reigned supreme as she trapped Priscilla and unleashed the hardest elbows that I have ever witnessed.  The ref stopped the fight due to the hellacious elbows and Marissa reigned supreme once again.

Marissa can dominate and defeat you anywhere this fight goes, it’s a homage to the hard word and dedication that her team at Team Vision MMA provides to the fighters. While her “bread and butter” is her smooth and tight Jiu-Jitsu game, she displays strong power with her punches and mixes up her gameplan with wrestling and strikes better than most professional fighters out there today.

Marissa is walking into hostile territory on September 18th. She will be fighting Jessica Eye in Akron, Ohio which is only 35 minutes fro Jessica’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Not only is she walking into hostile territory, she is walking into the history books as she and Jessica Eye will be competing in the first ever all female card in the state of Ohio . Guess who the main event of this card is? You’re right, Jessica Eye and Marissa Caldwell.

Normally the battle of Ohio, consists of the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals, but why wait for that? The battle of Ohio happens September 18th as Marissa and Jessica fight in the main event for NAAFS.

Marissa, we wish you nothing but the best of luck in your upcoming fight against Jessica Eye, and we hope you continue your dominant ways and finish the fight quick so we can see you back in action sooner rather than later!

(You can buy tickets for this event here)

Cincinnati MMA: Marissa Caldwell


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