Miesha Tate vs Maiju Kujala

Well here we go Tate and Kujala in the ring now and we are heading to round 1

Round 1

2 three minute rounds

Both fighters ready

Miesha strikes first and goes for the take down, Kujala handles the clinch and stands up…

Knee Strike by Tate…great defensive stand by Kujala

Miesha knees into body more knees

Kujala comes with more knees…

Tate going for take down… does not get it…

Tate gets the take down…side position for Kujala Meisha in headlock from Kujala on side position

miesha tries to throw punch…


dammit judge brings thems up end round 1

kujala had the round 1

Round 2

Both fighters come out punching

Tate gives more punching and Kujala takes punches

Tate knees the body has Kujala on cage..

Knee by tate

High kick by Tate and grazes Kujala head

Kujala defending take down

Tate kick

Tate gets take down and now Kujala gets position on back

Tate continues to punch but Kujala takes punches and does a good job…

End Round 2

Miesha Tate wins bout by unanimous decision against Maiju Kujala

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