Miesha Tate vs Hitomi Akano

Here we go with the finals and Akano and Tate are coming to the ring…..

Round 1

Here we go….

Tate kicks and misses both fighers checking each other akano kicks…

punch jab by tate, akano kicking…tate jabbing but missing tate kicks miss..body kick by akano, closes gap and now in clinch by tate,

akano gets take down side position by tate and akano, akano reverses..akano on bottom and tate is clinching hard arm lock by akano, tate gets out

tate punching on akano

Akano gets round 1

Round 2

both fighters getting kicks in, jabs by both fighters…

body kick by Akano

tagged by tate to akano

tate gets take down

akano gets out

akano gets side position…

akano on top getting position…

tate gets position, akano goes  for triangle…

punches by tate on ground….

akano gets top position

Tate wins Round 2

Round 3

both fighter on ground, and tate gets takedown…

tate getting choke hold

akano gets up

tate punches on akano

akano has position

tate gets out of armlock

tate on top ground and pound

tate gets punches….

Tate gets Round 3

Meisha Tate Defeats Hitomi Akano by unanimous decision to win the Tournament for the 135 lb division of Strikeforce…


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