A Interview with Elaina Maxwell and Her 8Pack

Elaina joined Rammy and MarQ-News Editor from www.fightergirls.com and talked about what she has been doing since we talked with her last and how career has been since leaving Las Vegas and heading to California. Elaina has a injury but will recover fully and is working on a comeback in July against Alexis Davis. Elaina is working very hard on making it to Las Vegas for the UFC Expo and getting into the tournament that will be there and will work hard on getting first place in her weight class. Elaina brought up some great content on her career and what women need to do to become a great MMA Fighter and how to overcome those obstacles and challenges that come your way. Elaina speaks from the heart and in no way will BS anyone and will tell you how she feels with those challenges and she overcame them. Check out this great interview with Elaina Maxwell.

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