Strikeforce shuns Women’s MMA again

Well I guess we all cannot cannot get it right, even Strikeforce cannot get it right, or is it an excuse to not put women on a strikeforce card. I have been reading a lot of post showing displeasure for Strikeforce’s last shun by cutting the fight that was supposed to happen between Kerry Vera and Julianna Pena when Kerry was forced out by an injury and now Strikeforce cut the whole fight out and replaced it with a men’s bout. Now the women of mma are striking by by letting Strikeforce know that they are upset and cannot figure out why they cannot find a replacement in time for Julianna to fight, even Julianna made a comment over at Facebook “New to the sport, but can handle my own like most female mma fighters. We’re not pussy’s and we can fight, we always steal the show, and viewers always want more! I was suppose to fight May 21st but Vera became injured. Now I’m out money and schooling, when I left this semester to train full time for this bout and opportunity to fight on Showtime. I put in my hours and trained hard, so thank you Strikeforce, you guys are awesome, NOT”

Now when a the actual fighter post something anywhere on the web it goes to show that Strikeforce again not doing their job in helping boost women’s mma to the next level, which many of us and the fighters want. It seems like that Strikeforce is not going to be the leader in Women’s MMA if they continue not have at least one women’s match on upcoming cards. This makes wonder what they are doing over there in the upper echelon of management.

What do the women have to do now to get on a card for Strikeforce? it is question that needs to be answered soon and find out if Women’s MMA needs to find a new home?…



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