Shana Olsen vs Yoko Takahashi 4/24/2010

Well the fight of the night is going on now, Shana who says that Yoko cannot keep up with her stand up is fixing to head to the ring and get ready for this battle, both fighters look great and they are ready for war.

Talking with Shana earlier last week, she is so ready for this fight and is looking forward to be putting this fight behind her and concentrating on going for the 145 belt soon…

As always I will be doing round by round calling her on my blog…

Round 1

Yoko comes out swinging first and Shana takes the punches and through a few of her own

Yoko gets the take down and Shana is in a half guard..

Shana on bottom and takes the punches from Yoko

Shana Olsen gets out and puts yoko on her back and throws big punches…

Yoko gets to her knees…

Shana throws knees to the body

Yoko back on top of Shana

Shana use fence to reverse her position  on top and throwing punches at Yoko..

Shana using GNP now!! and Yoko is doing very well….

Shana throwing more punches…while Yoko on the ground

Shana doing good and getting some good punches…

end round 1

Shana wins round 10-9

Round 2

Shana has G Choke

Yoko holding ground…

Shana loses hold

Yoko gains advantage

elbow by Shana Yoko has advantage

Yoko has side mount position…

Shana thrust yoko off and gets yoko back on her back and Shana has RNC and Yoko gets out…

Yoko gets elbow in, Shana rolls off and get up and then Shana is on side position…

Yoko looking for guillotine

Shana throwing punches for Guillotine and Olsen going for big punches Yoko gets take down and Yoko gets  back on top…thrilling so far….

end Round 2

Shana Olsen 10-9

Round 3

Both fighters are tired you can see, but they are ready to go…

Both fighters come out striking and Yoko goes for another take down and reversal by Shana Olsen, Olsen on the attack….

Yoko holding tough…on her stomach, Shana on top and Yoko trying to get back up…Yoko back up and has Shana back on the cage..

shanaOlsen1Yoko going for another take down again. both are standing.. Shana on back of cage, Yoko is bleeding from mouth, Shana has Yoko on back of cage Shana goes for take down and Yoko get hold and rolls out and Shana rolls out… and now going for submission…Shana on bottom and  Yoko on side mount and Shana rolls and gets leg, both fighters are and now Olsen gets take down but very tired…Olsen takes, kimura hold for Olsen and Olsen gets out and Yoko gets a great match for Shana….

end of Round three..

Shana 10-9

What a great match

Shana Wins by Unanimous Decision over Yoko Takahashi

Great job to both fighters especially Yoko from coming over from Japan.

What is next for Shana Olsen, Hey Cyborg I think we have your next opponent here!! bring the pain Shana!

I will be getting Shana sometime this week to talk about this last fight and what is next for her career!

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Round 1


Round 3 of the fight provided by Chief

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