Roxanne Modafferi vs Tara LaRosa at Moosin in May

toplogo We are getting word from all over the net that this bout will happen and that Strikeforce has cleared Roxanne to take the bout close to her hometown.

This is a match that I believe Roxanne has wanted for a long time since losing to Tara by decision back in 2006. What I have heard from other sources is that this is one of the toughest matches that Tara went through from a young fighter that happened to be Roxanne. Since then Roxanne has amassed a lot skills and taken on some great fighters and this is a another test for Roxanne to become the best female mix martial artist in the world which she has told many of us fans and reporters.

I will be trying to get both fighters on SportsGeeks to talk about this fight.

Updated: Roxy is now preparing for the fight as well as Tara, both fighters are anxious to get this fight on.

From Tara’s Facebook:

got x-rays done on my hand. I’ll take them to the doc on Monday and get them read. I looked at them… everything looks just fine to me! It’s probably just tendon or ligament damage… no big deal! I’m still fighting May 21st… it’s just a hand! I’ve got 7 other weapons to hit her with!

so more on this fight later, and Sponsor’s if you are looking for a fighter to sponsor please contact either of these fighters from their Facebook profiles or their respective websites here Roxy’s Site Tara’s Site

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