Exclusive Zoila “The Warrior Princess”

Zoila Frausto last match was one of the toughest of her career and this was eye opener for her. For now Zoila has said that she wants to get back into her weight range to become a better and faster fighter.

She said on twitter that she is now looking for more grappling tournaments to sharpen her skills and become more of a rounded fighter, now don’t get me wrong Zoila did a great job against Tate but you could tell in the match that she has some work to do and work she is going to do.

I ask Zoila to give me some comments from her match with Tate and this is some of things she has to say about the fight.

She goes on to say that “I didn’t fight for myself, I fought to try to prove people wrong and shut people up. That’s where I went wrong in the beginning. There was so many false statements behind my name and I felt I had to prove to the world that I am a great fighter and great person as well and not the picture that was painted of me.”

You could see after the fight that Zoila was upset, I could see that she was really disappointed, they had a close up of Zoila in which I could see that she was so mad at herself. I have to say that I have been in that position and by our heritage we have always been at the point where we have been underdogs and always looking for a way to show the world the we belong at least that’s the way I feel about it.

Zoila was so very professional and a good sport after the fight and I proud to call her my friend and I am fan for life!

One thing that Zoila brought to my attention that she was up late reading comments and post from many of the critics online and she says “but when you run across  that one negative thing, that negative stuff is what sticks in your head. My problem was I read way to much into it. It made me angry and took me out my game.”

You can see that in the first round of the match I was missing the Zoila that we are all used too, throwing those dynamic kicks, unorthodox striking and making her opponents try to figure out what she is going to do next. She says “During the fight I froze and went in there with anger instead of the usual confidence. Did not use my strengths from the get and I fought her fight, not mine.” That’s what I saw during the match, I was like where is that Zoila I have always seen in the first round throwing those kicks and high caliber punches. We did not see the Zoila show till later in the second round and it showed. Zoila was trying to hard and it made here become a different fighter than what she is being used too and what fans always see when she goes out there. One thing that Zoila says is that “No more reading bullshit especially the day before I fight.”

I thought Zoila’s striking approve a lot but she tells me that she begs to differ and goes on to say that she was swinging to the end of the fight and not to win. “I did not fight smart, and I heard everybody else by myself.”

As for Zoila all you can do is learn from this and take this fight as a stepping stone to becoming a great fighter and rise from all things you did wrong in the past and show the world that someday you can become a champion. Zoila says “I know I can grow from this. I know I want to be back up asap. i still have a lot to learn and it’s still really early in my fight career.” Yes this is the Zoila that we all know getting back on the horse and showing people that just because you lose one fight its not over you still a lot of ahead of you.

So after all the words of war and fighting in the ring it all stayed there and now that the fight is over both fighters came out respecting each other and by the pictures after the fight it looked like they became friends and hope it will stay that way.

Zoila does say one more thing “But mark my words, I will be back and knocking on that door once again real soon in the near future & bring more experience and more ammo in my arsenal! 🙂 I’m here to stay & not going nowhere! I will find my way! Being a champion is my destiny! :)”



Don’t forget Zoila is fighting May 16th against Michelle Ould at the Tachi Palace in California stay tuned for more details and more articles before this fight. Michelle has been wanting this fight for a while and I know its going to be another great match for Zoila especially since it is around the weight class that she wants.

Zoila Frausto Fan Page on Facebook

Michelle Ould Fan Page on Facebook

Want to see that last match between Zoila and Tate check it out here


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