Zoila Frausto vs Miesha Tate 3/26/2010

This will be the fight of the night Zoila Frausto (5-0) vs Miesha Tate (8-2) at Strikeforce Challengers Series 7.

Before the fight tonight they showed video of both fighters and both fighters were having their hands wrapped before heading to the cage. When they showed Zoila Frausto on the big screen the crowed roared with excitement. Even though the odds are favored for Tate, I think it will be a lot closer then what people are thinking. As I was watching Zoila during the video you can see how determined she is and does not want to take a loss in her hometown.

Round 1

Both fighters come out striking and Miesha Tate gets her take-downs to Zoila, Zoila does get out of a great grappling move and takes control. Miesha comes back with a take-down and controls the rest of the fight from there. The first round ended with Miesha on top and Zoila guarding.

Round 2

Zoila Frausto gets a great kick onto Tate and goes backward

and Tate get her take-down….Zoila is losing control…Zoila was in a choke move by Miesha and then got turned around into the armbar and…

Tate wins the bout with an armbar 4:09 into the fight.


Both fighters did very well, they showed much conviction in both rounds with Zoila getting some great kicks in and Miesha always going for the takedown. Zoila was doing a very well guard against the takedown and even the announcer said that Zoila had great hips and in some points during the fight Zoila was hard to take down. Miesha only means to get at Zoila was the take down. Miesha was pushing hard against the cage and Zoila could not get balance to get out and Miesha kept pushing so hard it was a disadvantage for Zoila to get out of. Zoila did great on the ground and improved from previous fights. You can see that Zoila was trying hard to get out being on the ground. If the fight was more of a stand up Zoila would have had the advantage in the end and more than likely would of got the knock-out. 

zoilafrausto5Zoila in the second round could not get out of the choke hold toward the end of round and Miesha did say that she could hear Zoila breathing hard. You can see Zoila lost the advantage with being in that choke hold and was very tired by then and when Miesha got a full mount on Zoila and she could not get out of it, it tired her too much and the only way for Zoila to get an advantage was to get back up and that did not happen. Again Zoila did a great job on getting out of the choke hold but took so much energy that when she caught in the armbar move she ran out of steam and that is the only way that Miesha could win.

This is the only way Miesha can win a fight is by going in a take down move to go for the submission. Miesha again showed how she lost against Kaufman and will continue to lose against Kaufman. There is no way that grappling will fly with Kaufman, Kaufman is way more of a technical fighter than Miesha and I don’t see her getting a rematch with Kaufman right away, of course Roxanne Modafferi we hope will get the next chance at Kaufman who stands a better chance at Kaufman than Miesha Tate. Miesha still cannot go into a fight against a far superior Kaufman with grappling moves, she still did not show that she cannot defend the kicks and defend against the punch in which Kaufman is very good at and again Kaufman has a great defense against probably the best in the world against a take-down.

Zoila Frausto and Miesha Tate both showed sportsmanship after the fight with even Zoila picking up Miesha and congratulating her. This is probably the end of war of words between both and now they will both work hard at getting back in the cage with Zoila Frausto having a fight in May.

I have video of the fight being uploaded and will be available for those who could not see it in a few hours especially for those out of the United States.




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