Frausto and Tate War of Words heats up and more!

A few Zoila tweets:
When asked, “Ur prediction on Fridays fight? Tate said she will GnP to a victory. Oddsmakers have you a slight underdog, thoughts on that?”

Her response: “LOL.. She’s out of her mind! 1st Rd Flying knee KO!! I will keep pounding her face in til the ref rips my bloody hand off of her!!”

About the weight-ins: “On weight baby! ready for weigh-ins tomorrow! Can’t wait to fight!!! eghhhh never wanted anything soooo bad! Woohoo, almost game time!”

Today: “Looked through her soul & now I’m ready to go!!! Came in 4lbs under. Showtime tomorrow baby! I’m sooo excited!”
By the way….Zoila weighted 131 and Miesha 136.

Meisha Tate’s

From @MieshaTate at weigh ins – “I wanna finish the fight full mount pounding, 2nd a submission, if it presented itself.”


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