Zoila Frausto Takes Criticism and Trains Harder

Talking with Zoila Frausto this past week on our weekly Internet radio show at SportsGeeks. We have found out that Zoila is taking all the criticism and training harder for the fight against Miesha Tate on March 26th on Showtime.

zoilafraustoAccording to Zoila in many twitter posts and talking to us says that she has been in these tough situations before and in know way that it will affect her on training for Miesha. She is using the criticism to train harder and show that she has what it takes to take on Miesha who is (8-2). Miesha has said that Zoila is cocky, inexperienced and not worth her time. Miesha goes on to say on a strikeforce blog post that Zoila “I think she’s  pretty green” and “she comes across as of cocky and arrogant. It’s definitely safe to say I’m not her biggest fan. I think I out-skill her in every area.”

Zoila told us that she does not know where this comes from and does not understand why Miesha would say something like that since they have never met and Miesha is taking some things out of context from MySpace picture comments that Zoila did a few months ago. Zoila said if people cannot take a joke then they need not to read her post on MySpace. Zoila explained that she always laughs and makes jokes a lot to keep herself in a good mood. She is known for being a laughing joking person from many of her friends. This is one of the reason why I myself do not get Miesha Tate’s comments. Miesha needs to remember that Zoila is (5-0) and has had some pretty tough matches especially against Jessica Rakoczy in which she won by an arm bar.

I really hope that Miesha Tate is prepared for a different Zoila than what she has seen on video or told by her trainers, Zoila is coming all out and will not stop till either the ref stops the fight or the bell rings.




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