Exclusive Interview with Lacey Schuckman “One Tough Fighter”

Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman gets another win this past weekend and now has a record of (4-2) according to up-to-date records stats over at fightergirls.com. I had the chance to get some comments from Lacey on  how her fight went.

Lacey starts by saying that the fight was a “tough battle!!! Avery did awesome but you could really tell the altitude affected her performance.” Lacey says that she is a great scrambler as well as being a great at grabbing hold and hanging on. She would get a hold of me and never let go, she was so strong. Lacey was a little worried right off the bat when she landed the first of standing strikes, they took her back. She started to realize that she need to get her head in the game or she will lose the fight and loose quickly. Lacey started to figure out her striking was a little better into the end of the first round but was not getting her kicks off very well. She was also exerting a lot of energy by trying hip tosses off the cage and letting Avery put her in a crazy unorthodox position and having to fight her ass off to get out. Lacy had to bully herself out of the clinch and bullied herself out too many times.

The second round Lacey said that Avery got a very clean armbar that had her worried for a moment but she was able to escape.

According to Lacey they made both fighters do a overtime round that was only three minutes. Lacey said that she had to forget the first two rounds and try to dominate this overtime round so she came in very aggressive with her striking and was trying to avoid the clinch along with not letting Avery get her on the mat.

So after the last round the score card came out 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 and Lacey won by unanimous decision which is Lacey’s first. She goes on to say after the fight that her cardio was so “awesome” that it made her confidence much stronger. She was very much impressed with her performance and showed that her striking ability was much better than in the past.

Lacey does say that she has a lot to work on; and cannot wait to see improvement by the next fight. She really wants to concentrate on her technique. she said “it was a hard earned victory” and Avery was a stand up gal and is looking forward to watching Avery’s next fight because she is “one bad ass lady!!”

Again congrats to Lacey for winning her last fight. We hope to see you soon in another fight.



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