Exclusive Interview with Stephanie Frausto talks about her last fight

Stephanie got her second match in the books and it was a fight that she will remember throughout her career. She tells us that this fight is not a loss “but a lesson learned.” She goes on to tell us that she felt not as aggressive as in the past. She felt that she was “thinking” to much; although she felt good about the fight in the beginning.

The fight started and Stephanie says that her opponent already started to back up and by talking to Stephanie I can see that is a big no no. She got in a few solid leg kicks and she noticed that her opponent did not like that at all. “She tried to kick me but I scooped the kick and took her down and started to land elbows to her body while I was in her guard.” Stephanie stood up and kicked a few more times and the Stephanie let her up to let her opponent gain composure. “I landed some more leg kicks, hands and scooped her kick again for another takedown. While Stephanie got in with a straight punch to the face she lost her balance and caught her arm and Stephanie could not move.

She tells us that she had to tap because she heard a noise in the arm area and she recollects her brother at that point in which he had his arm broken in a amateur fight about a year ago. She said “there is no way I was going to take that much time off.” I don’t blame her either.

She tells us also that she did not want to get up from the cage floor and when you are at that point in a losing situation it is hard to get up and walk out of a match that you just lost which I don’t blame her at all. You do have your family there especially her sister who Stephanie looks up and wants to be like her. Emotions will get the best of you especially in that situation, but she did say that when she was leaving the cage that the fans were standing up and cheering as if she had won.

I want to say congrats to Stephanie for taking time to do this interview, I know it is hard to talk about and I can understand. As I said on my show Stephanie we are so proud of you of what you have done so far and MarQ says that this is only one loss you can make it up in another match. I hope you do get a rematch to avenge your loss and we know this loss will be your only one.

We did break some news on SportsGeeks that Stephanie maybe fighting in the preliminary’s before Zoila fight on March 26th which we think here at SportsGeeks would be a great way to get back on the horse and show that potential that you talked about. We know now that you will not hold back and go all out on your next match!



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