Rosi Sexton moving to new weight Class

Just read over at the message boards that Rosi is moving to a new weight class and is looking to make her debut soon. She goes on to say that since Tara is more than likely moving to Strikeforce that she would not get a chance to fight Tara at 125lb so she wants to see more action in the 115lb weight class which according to her is hopping! from her post at message boards…

Good question!
Carina Damm I already fought. There has been some talk about a rematch, which I’m not particularly looking for, but wouldn’t have a problem with if and when she gets her issues sorted out with the CSAC.
Aisling Daly I think is a great girl and a talented fighter, but I have no interest in fighting her at the moment. Her coach is very close friends with my ex partner/coach and too much bullshit had gone on (on a personal level) for me to feel good about that happening just now. No reflection on Ais, and under different circumstances I would love to fight her. Who knows, things might change though.
Tara Larosa I think would be an excellent match, and I really hope this fight happens at some point. I’m contracted to Bellator though, so if as rumour has it she’s talking to strikeforce then that starts to look a bit less likely.
To be honest, I’m looking more at the 115 division at the moment – there seems to be more going on there. I hope to be making my debut in that weightclass soon, with perhaps some interesting things happening towards the end of the year.


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