Elaina Maxwell Competing in Tournament

Just found out today that Elaina Maxwell (2-3) will be competing in the NAGA tournament coming up in Las Vegas. Elaina told me that this is her first tournament at purple belt which she received last year from Rico Rodriguez. Elaina did say that this is also her first NAGA tournament in which the tournament covers Gi and No Gi. Elaina has been out of the game for a while but I see by her facebook profile that she has been training all this time to prepare and hopefully win this tournament so that she can gain some knowledge in the grappling field and win first place at the tournament.

We have spoken to Elaina twice in a live interview and she is most driven person out there and does her best to represent female mixed martial arts.

Elaina wants to send some thank you ’s to Tussle Fight Gear, Fight Freak, Knoxx, Trinity BJJ,  Combat Sports Academy and Cesar Gracie for all their support in her career.

Elaina does have some big news coming up but will release details as the time and press release permits.

I for one cannot wait to see Elaina back in the ring and I do hope that Strikeforce takes a look at Elaina as a possible contender for the 145lb tournament that might be coming this summer or fall. Strikeforce would have a great advantage on having Elaina in the mix.



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