Takayo Hashi Loses to Sarah Kaufman at title fight

Takayo Hashi loses to Sarah Kaufman by unanimous decision in the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship tonight. Takayo was very emotional after the fight when looking at the camera it seemed that Takayo was really wanting to win this fight especially coming all the way from Japan. She wanted to show that women from Japan are just as good as the fighters in any part of the world.

takayohashiWatching the fight Takayo was trying to stand up to Sarah and it was not what Takayo wanted but had to do something different which I think Takayo was watching video of Sarah other matches showing that Sarah has a perfect defense for take down moves. Every time Takayo wanted to go to the ground Sarah countered with a perfect sprawl and Takayo was dumbfounded on that move since she could not find a way to get Sarah on the ground.

Talking to our MMA expert MarQ-News Editor from fightergirls.com he said “That it looks like Takayo wanted to tire out Sarah” he goes on to say that the strategy did not work well for Takayo.

This fight was not the fastest in most women’s mma fights so it did go the distance and Takayo did her best to make the fight go to the ground which is Takayo specialty. She did a great job on hanging in there with Kaufman throwing some devastating jabs and right hand punches. It looked like that Takayo did everything right but for some reason she just couldn’t get Kaufman to the ground at all.

Congrats to Takayo from coming all the way from Japan and fighting the number 1 ranked fighter in the 135lb division. She did all she could do to win the fight but just could not do her game like she wanted. 


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