Sarah Kaufman wins Title against Takayo Hashi

Tonight Sarah Kaufman brings home another gold medal in way of title belt for Canada and she did with power. Sarah Kaufman fighting against a tough competitor Takayo Hashi jabbed her way to the title of the welterweight 135lb division and did it with style. We usually see Sarah with a good ground and pound game especially from other fighters but the last three fights that Sarah has fought have gone the distance and tonight was no different.

Sarah dominating the fight from the beginning with jabs and some great right hands to the head of Hashi proved to make the fight a lot more interesting than what we are used to seeing in Kaufman. During her post fight interview Kaufman goes on to say that she apologizes for the way the fight went and said that this was the only way the fight could go. Hashi tried in the later rounds to take down Kaufman but as usual she always has the perfect defense for the take down in her sprawling technique.

Kaufman needed 5 rounds to win the title which show to be a little unusual since Sarah has 8KO’s in previous and like I said earlier she went the distance in the last three. Kaufman was ecstatic to put the belt and is ready to take on any challenger that is coming her way. According to Strikeforce there is going to be a 135lb tournament in which the winner will have a chance at the belt that Sarah Kaufman has now.

Now what does Sarah do, well as many of us in the FeMMA world we like to think that Sarah’s first title defense is going to be against number 3 ranked Roxanne Modafferi coming off her last win against Molly Helsel, Roxy looks to be in the next sport to fight Sarah and this will make Roxy a little more comfortable in the division she is supposed to be in. We do have to remember that Roxy fought Marloes Coenen and really had to gain weight for that fight and even though she lost Roxy showed so much courage for even taking the fight.

So what’s next for Sarah, I am sure she is going to head out to a nice restaurant and eat a good meal then head back to Canada for more training to defend her title in the coming months.

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venue: The Civic Auditorium in San Jose, California
Main Bouts (On Showtime):

-Sarah Kaufman def. Takayo Hashi by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45), R5


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