Mai Ichi Interview by Roxy Modafferi

SO here is my Mai Ichi Interview!

Roxy:  Hey!  You’re fighting in Jewels, right? (52 kilo/115 lbs)
Mai: RIGHT!!
Roxy:  Great!
Mai: Yeah, I know!  
Roxy: Your opponent is, who?  Mika Nagano, right?
Mai: Right!!
Roxy: Do you have a game plan?
Mai: I wanna KO!!  
Roxy: Sweet!
Mai: KOs are so cool, right?  I really REALLY wanna do it!  I’m definitely gonna go for it!  (mimicks swinging her arms)
Roxy: Yeah, you go, girl!  Go for it!
Mai :  OH I WILL!!!!!
Roxy:  So what’s she good at?  Jiu-jitsu or something?
Mai: Oh I dunno, but everyone here (at the AACC) is way stronger than her!  They could CRUSH HER!! It’ll be no problem!  No problem!!! I’ll get her!
Roxy: You are so cool.
Mai: Haha thanks!
(interview finished)


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