Frausto and Tate Preparing for WAR

We are all waiting till next month for the fight between Zoila Frausto (5-0) and Miesha Tate (8-2) but the war of words has not stop each other from taking pot shots at each other. This started a while back when one of them read a post and ever since then words has taken over both camps getting ready for this fight, you can view the comments from both fighters here below.



LMFAO! This girl must’ve bumped her head! Saying I don’t have enough time to get ready! LOL… Champions are BORN & made into Lefends!!

Sh*t…Every1 knows, I stay ready so I don’t have 2 get ready! She should worry about her preparation, cuz every fight starts STANDING!

A champion was born on Dec. 10th, 1983 in Fresno, CA… & I will rise or die trying!!!


ShdwPrwler wrote:

Actually, I bet Miesha is Zoila’s biggest fan tonight because I’m sure she wants to be the one to put that first loss on her record.

How did you ever guess?! I’m very happy she won!!

I am sure both fighters are professionals and would not let each other go to far, but for now it looks like a war is brewing between both camps and soon we will find out who will be standing at the end.

Want to see what each fighter is about check out their live interviews in podcast mp3 form here:

Zoila Frausto

Miesha Tate


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