Roxanne Modafferi vs Molly Helsel- Roxy wins

Time: 0338 Hours

Here I am waiting on fight results of the Modafferi vs Helsel fight in Japan time, I see that @fightergirls has found a person at the fights and will be posting live updates and then I will make this post show the results.

Roxy has come a long way from her last fight against Marloes last year and she showed some great adversity for trying to gain weight for that fight and then going out there and losing, she did her very best and will make this fight with Helsel show her redemption to as why she is #3 in the world of the Women’s Unified Rankings from I will be pulling for Roxy, sorry Molly, I just love Roxy so much! hehe… as you can tell Roxy does not look like fight, but wow when she gets in the ring she is a total different person.

Looking at Roxy in the recent photo with Molly, I have to say that Roxy’s arms look bigger than I seen them in the past, I am really excited for this match and this will help Roxy get back to the states…

Time: 0500 hours

Twitter page

Roxy submits Hessel with a choke sleeper in the 2nd round. Nice dominating grappling.

This is a great win for Roxanne Modafferi who is ranked 3rd in the world!!! go 63fight!!!

Here are the details of the fight from MarQ-News Editor from

Round 1. They exchange punches. Molly connects a knee. Neither are holding back. Roxanne takes down Molly and  tried for a triangle choke. They scramble and Molly attempts an arm bar. Roxy gets out of it and gets another takedown before the bell.

Round 2. The circle and don’t really exchange. Roxanne takes the back and gets in the choke for the win..

Here are some pics from the fight provided by Megumi

kotcRoxanneModafferi kotcRoxanneModafferi1 kotcRoxanneModafferi2


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