I'm here in Okinawa! 63 hair style!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I’m here in Okinawa! 63 hair style!
Current mood: hungry

I’m here in Okinawa, tired, cranky, and starving!  But my weight is right on, so I just have to tough it out until 2 PM.

Kirik knows how I get when I’m starving.

Flash  back to 2005, IFC, before Jen Howe.  10 AM, weigh-ins at night.  I’m lounging on my bed in the hotel room with Kirik, playing card games.  The phone rings.

Kirik:  *talks, then says to me*   The promoter wants you to get on this radio show.
Roxy: I guess so….
Kirik:  He wants you to say something about Jennifer Howe, like you’re going to kick her @$$.  It’ll drum up interest.
Roxy:  Ummm….I dunno about that.  -.-
Kirik:  *still has hand covering the phone*  Come on, talk a little smack!
Roxy:  I don’t want to talk smack.
Kirik: *to the phone*  She says SURE she’ll do the show!
Roxy:  But I don’t want to talk smack!!!! >:O
Kirik:  But she says she doesn’t want to talk smack…*listens* uh huh.  *to me* Yeah Roxy, you don’t have to say much, just that you’re going to kick her ass and beat her up….
lol Sorry Kirik. 😀
But that was my worst cut EVER, I forget how much I cut…like 6 lbs of water and I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before.  THAT was the kicker..  Deprive me of water, but don’t mess with my food…this girl with Italian blood will bite your head off.
or hand .  or whatever’s closest.  hahaha
Look at my hair style!  It took 3 hours to complete!!


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