If you want to support Women's MMA


Please take a quick minute to read through this post and send off a quick e-mail at the end.
Freestyle Cage Fighting has contacted HDNet about having the entire women’s tournament aired on the network, but HDNet hasn’t made a decision yet. Past experience shows that fan/viewer support can often be a deciding factor when a network is making a decision regarding the airing of a show or event.
If these tournament events air live on HDNet, it not only benefits the fighters involved in these cards, but it will also benefit those on future cards that also air on the network. For far, far too long, female fighters have been relegated to untelevised fights in small shows in North America or in events overseas that receive little or no attention here. That needs to change and this is the opportunity to do so.
Television exposure means more sponsor interest, more crucial sponsor funding for the fighters on the card and also more funding for FCF so that the promotion can continue to bring in the best fighters in order to showcase the best fights possible. They remain dedicated to promoting the women’s division heavily in 2010 and the success of this tournament – especially if it is televised – will lead to opportunities for other female fighters that weren’t there before.
I understand that everyone is busy with their own lives, but if you’re a fan of this sport or a fighter who has suffered through years of extremely limited opportunities, take a minute or two and send a brief e-mail to HDNet in support of this tournament airing on the network. It doesn’t have to be anything long, but just something that makes it clear that there is A LOT of support for women’s MMA out there and that HDNet can take a huge step forward in support of the division by airing the women’s tournament beginning on January 30th.
Include the following four e-mail addresses in the message:
Again, this is not simply going to benefit the fighters in the tournament. Even if you’re simply a fan, a journalist or a fighter who is just starting out in the sport, the airing of these events on national television will benefit EVERYONE involved.
Thanks for reading and for taking the time to send off a quick message if you can. I’ll be directing people to this thread and hopefully others can as well.

If you want to support Women’s MMA


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