“Fighter” LaTasha Marzolla stays perfect

Capping off an evening of exciting fights that saw only two of the previous matches go to a decision, LaTasha Marzolla and Kate McGray slugged it out for three action-packed rounds. Having generated a level of media attention more commonly reserved for professional championship fights, Marzolla, the former Playboy model turned MMA fighter, did not disappoint. In a close battle that frequently had the crowd on its feet, Marzolla landed the harder and more accurate punches to earn a unanimous decision and advance her amateur MMA record to 2-0.
Unable to do any significant damage standing, McGray tried on several occasions to take Marzolla down, but Marzolla avoided most of the attempts. When McGray finally did get Marzolla to the ground, she was unable to keep her there. Although neither fighter was ever close to finishing the other, Marzolla connected with solid punches to McGray’s face throughout the fight and attacked her ribs while the fighters were clinched against the ropes.

Source: Fightergirls.com

Check out interview of LaTasha at SportsGeeks here: LaTasha Marzolla download to your iPod, Zune or mp3 player.



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