Women’s MMA Making Big Strides

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With all these articles coming out about Kerry Vera’s last win against Kim Couture and people are saying the Kerry is like the Gina Carano in the 135 division, I have to say wait! Stop the presses, many of these writers, bloggers, and columnist are way off base and need to do more research on Women’s MMA.

Yes they do say there are many other fighters out there, but they are not giving credit or saying names, either they are trying to save space when posting their articles for ads, or just don’t know who are they, they really need to pay attention who is what in Women’s MMA and look beyond the Gina’s and Kerry’s and focus on the other fighter’s out there.

They never mention Erin Toughill, Tara LaRosa or Sarah Kaufman, what about Elaina Maxwell, Roxanne Modafferi, Shayna Baszler, Kelly Kobold, Marloes Coenen, and Cindy Dandois who are ranked in position that need to be mentioned, I just wish these writers would make some effort about writing about these fighters instead of just talking who they choose, these other fighters are some of the best in the world and they seem to forget about that. Yes Kerry kick a$$ this past weekend but that was not the only fight of the weekend, Tara LaRosa vs Valerie Coolbaugh fought and Tara won by a submission and by many many people over at fightergirls.com message board believe that Tara LaRosa is number 1 P4P in the world and they never write about that, come on writers show some love for the other fighters out there instead of being picky.

Women’s MMA is here to stay for a long time and is not going anywhere. People need to understand that the women fight just as hard as the men and never get recognition from these writer’s over at sherdog, and many other places on the net. Wake up everyone this is not the 1950’s its the year 2009 and we need to show that we are capable of talking about women being in the ring or cage fighting just like the men.

I have been covering women’s professional sports for 2 years and will never cover anything else, these women put their blood, sweat, tears, just like the guys and they are proud of what they do and some cases can do better then the men.

Check out some of the interviews that me and MarQ have done over at SportsGeeks and see what these women are really about, instead of talking about their looks, they are way more than that, if you want to learn more about womens mma or even womens tackle football do some research and you will see that there are many women out there working hard.



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