Erin Toughill Writes to Roxanne Modafferi


Wow what a great post that Erin wrote to Roxy! I am so happy that all of these women stay behind each other no matter what the situation is! Women MMA fighters are the best and cannot wait for the next fight….Roxy your the best!

roxannemodafferi1 erintoughill

Congrats Roxy! ur a true warrior

This is long, so hold on lol Although you didn’t win, you showed what the sport of MMA needs more of: Gutsy, Tough, Tenacious Warrior female athletes who will fight anytime, anywhere and anyone. We have talked a few times over the years & iv always felt for you bc you have wanted nothing more than to compete in the sport you love.
You did the best you could with what you were given and you went out on a limb and took a big chance. Anything can happen in MMA and there is always the possibility of either side winning. You stepped up to the plate, and even though you didn’t win, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
IMO I don’t like seeing true 135ers having to come up in weight because they have NO other options. Its not right & its not always fair, but I commend you on being one of the few, true, competitive real athletes in womens MMA who always takes on any challenge or challenger.
I hope that SF sees the sacrifice that you and a few others have made for them, and that this shows your dedication to MMA. The 145 is such a tricky division bc bigger girls have to cut & smaller girls have to bulk up. There aren’t too many true 145ers, even lol
I wanna see more of the women who deserve to be signed to a big promotion like Roxy, Meisha, Tanya, Lana & other great Japanese MMAers. Its hard to know there are so many women who deserve to fight that are sitting on the sidelines waiting and waiting and waiting.

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