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Friday, November 06, 2009

The Amazing Uppercut
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So cutting weight sucks. 
I did not cut weight.  In fact, I did the opposite- in practically every way.  I call it the "uppercut." 
Yes, I didn’t go hungry…but I  got a stomach ache from eating too much.  Because according to the athletic commission’s rule or something, I had to be within a 5 lb limit of my opponent, who I suspected would weigh in on target at 145.  So that means I have to be between 140 and 145.
To cut, you go sweat out water weight.
I guzzled so much water that I felt pretty sick.  And then, just as it was about to start…I had to pee.  I mean, I REALLY had to pee.  I had to pee so bad, but I was afraid that if I peed, maybe I wouldn’t make weight?  LOL I don’t know how much pee weighs!!! 
Well maybe if I pee a little bit…I thought.
I learned something VERY fascinating and essential for daily life hereafter….once you start peeing, it is difficult (rather, impossible) to stop.  I.e. one can not pee just  ‘a little bit.’  Did you know that?  I did not know that.
Damn.  Imagine that.
So there were a lot of press people, and some guy came bounding over to me from waiting in line outside to shake my hand, which made me feel all happy.  I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when people asked for my picture. ^^  I met a lot of writers for popular websites that I love to read, and who support me.  Thanks guys!!!
But I seriously felt like I was drowning.  @_@
I so sleepy…I dunno why.  I didn’t work out or anything…I didn’t exert myself. But I was falling asleep during Big John McCarthy’s rule meeting…which is why I didn’t sit down.  Big John is COOL!!!
I wanna exercise a little but I’m so tired….OH I just got a box of my sponsorship shirts and shorts and banner! YAY THANK YOU…but lol a section said
NOOOOOoooooooooooo LOL  Dude, just no!! So Kirik is doctoring that now…
OH and Marq sent me a PS1!  It’s so cute and tiny omg.  THANK YOU!! ❤
tomorrow is fight day!!  I am so ready!  I am so excited…but I can’t think about that now ..omg my stomach…

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